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  • Forthcoming New Series — ArchAsia: Histories and Futures of Asia's Architecture, Urbanism, and Environments

    ArchAsia examines buildings, cities, and landscapes in Asia in their multiple, complex, and diverse formations. It engages with historical and contemporary examples of designed and destroyed environments found throughout Asia, examining the impact of cultural, material, and geographic conditions. The series also sheds light on significant figures who contributed to architectural and urban change within the region.

  • Forthcoming New Series — Entanglements: Rethinking Comparison in the Long Contemporary

    Entanglements assesses the ongoing project of “comparison” in the wake of global changes that have shaped the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Books in this series explore new modes of critical analyses within and beyond the field of comparative literature. The series publishes works on Hong Kong, global literature and cinema, and experimental forms and methods of cultural criticism.

  • Asian Business Histories 亞洲企業史叢書

    The Asian Business Histories series showcases cutting-edge scholarship that understands historical business development in various Asian locales against the backdrop of regional and global currents. It publishes volumes that appreciate economic growth and commercial expansion in the context of Asian social and cultural history, explores the potential of comparative analysis across time and space, and contributes to theoretical elaboration that connects the series to the field of business history and business studies worldwide.

  • Hong Kong Matters

    Hong Kong Matters features cutting-edge scholarship that spotlights the city’s global connections and theoretical relevance. This interdisciplinary series comprises intelligent and concise volumes that examine any aspect of historical and contemporary Hong Kong using diverse methodologies and analytical lenses. The series is initiated by the Society for Hong Kong Studies.

  • Crossing Seas

    Crossing Seas brings together books that investigate Chinese migration from the migrants’ perspective, exploring their networks and changing cultural practices through multiple aspects of the migration process. The series publishes interdisciplinary scholarship across history, women’s studies, geography, cultural anthropology, and archaeology.

  • Crossings: Asian Cinema and Media Culture

    Crossings publishes books that investigate Asian cinema and media from cross-disciplinary and cross-methodological perspectives. It situates Asian cinema and media within a transnational framework and investigates the influence of media forms on aesthetic and social practices. This series places special emphasis on careful archival research or vigorous theoretical study.

  • Queer Asia (酷兒亞洲)

    Queer Asia opens a space for monographs and anthologies in all disciplines focusing on non-normative sexuality and gender cultures, identities and practices across Asia. Books in the series present exciting and challenging work that study diverse Asian histories and cultures of trans and queer phenomena beyond Western contexts.

  • Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Studies Series (皇家亞洲學會香港研究叢書)

    Supported by the Sir Lindsay and Lady May Ride Memorial Fund, the RASHK Series is designed to make widely available important contributions on the local history, culture and society of Hong Kong and the surrounding region that will appeal to both scholars and informed general readers.

  • Sheng Kung Hui: Historical Studies of Anglican Christianity in China

    The Anglican (and Episcopal) tradition has been present in China for almost two hundred years. This series publishes authoritative volumes on the history of the Sheng Kung Hui (“Holy Catholic Church”), its individuals and institutions, and the broader social significance of Anglican involvement in Chinese society and history.

  • Studies of the Contemporary Asia Pacific

    This series, led by the London Asia Pacific Centre for Social Science at SOAS, and King’s College London, seeks to understand the contemporary challenges to ‘peace and prosperity’ in the Asia Pacific region, particularly the origins and dynamics of economic and social disparities, constraints, and inter-state conflicts.

  • Transnational Asian Masculinities

    Transnational Asian Masculinities explores the representations and lived realities of Asian masculinities in their transnational dimensions. Books in this series interrogate diverse textual, visual, and ethnographic materials, unpacking the local and transnational circulations of people, ideas, and objects that have shaped Asian masculinities in all eras.

  • Echoes: Classics in Hong Kong Culture and History

    The life of Hong Kong and its region has been explored in a vast number of ground-breaking studies and literary works that are no longer in circulation. Echoes makes available the best of these books that would otherwise be lost. The series embraces history, fiction, politics, and other fields.

  • Global Connections (環球聯繫叢書)

    Global Connections explores the movement of ideas, people, technologies, capital, and goods across national and regional borders. Encompassing historical and contemporary topics, books in the series reveal how these interconnections have the power to produce new global forms of interdisciplinary knowledge, cultures, politics, identities, and economies.

  • Hong Kong Teacher Education 香港教師教育叢書

    This series sets out to provide contextualized reflections on issues that most teachers come across, and discussions that will enhance and improve teaching skills. The series covers a wide range of topics including curriculum and assessment, understanding and managing diversity, guidance and counselling, and human development.

  • The New Hong Kong Cinema

    This series examines how the complex new cultural and political spaces of the 1980s in Hong Kong produced the cinematic achievements of the New Hong Kong Cinema. Books in the series explore how these changes of cultural paradigms were defined through films in this period.

  • TransAsia: Screen Cultures

    What is Asia? What does it mean to be Asian? How is “Asian-ness” produced? In Asia’s transnational public space, many kinds of cross-border connections proliferate, all shaped by media. As reliance on national frameworks becomes obsolete in many disciplines, this series spotlights groundbreaking research on trans-border, screen-based cultures in Asia.

  • 中國語文及文學教育系列 (Chinese Language and Literature Education Series)


  • 古典文學叢書 (Chinese Classical Literature Series)

    This series includes studies that focus on Chinese classical literature until the late Qing period.

  • 香港母語教育系列 (Mother Tongue Education in Hong Kong)

    This series is supported by the Chinese as the Medium of Instruction Support Centre which aims to promote good-quality mother tongue education.

  • Distributed for HKU Museum and Art Gallery 香港大學美術博物館

    The University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG) has a diverse collection of paintings, ceramics, bronzes, furniture and works on paper dating from the Neolithic period through to the twenty-first century. This series features exhibition catalogues and original scholarship on art historical topics, with a focus on East Asia.

  • Distributed for HKU Jao Tsung-I Petite École 香港大學饒宗頤學術館


  • Distributed for Asia Society Hong Kong Center 亞洲協會香港中心

    Established in 1994, in the Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong, CERC builds on the Faculty’s expertise in comparative and global studies in education.