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Established in 1956, HKU Press has been dedicated to serve the global community with a vibrant publishing program for 68 years. We are now embarking on a journey to 70 years of publishing excellence and we hope you will continue to help make our work possible. The introduction of e-books and Open Access books, the change of reading habits and frequencies, macro environmental developments and library buying behaviours, and the need for software synchronization and hardware upgrades, for example, are all pressing matters that are and will keep challenging the status quo in the field of academic publishing. We strive to maintain our strong presence in Asian studies, Law, Health Sciences, and other disciplines, while innovating and advocating for new book ideas and subject areas, with the common goal of spreading knowledge and wisdom. We hope you will consider enabling our mission-driven publishing work for decades to come!


Giving to HKU Press

Donations help us keep giving voice to academics in their respective fields. Support meaningful projects that benefit not only the HKU community, but also readers in Hong Kong, APAC, and around the world.

Make a donation online now to HKU Press through the University of Hong Kong's giving system. Once you access the online form, please click on Step 1's "Other Departments / Units" -> "Other" -> Fill in "Hong Kong University Press" or "HKU Press".

Make a donation by cheque to HKU Press through the University of Hong Kong's giving system. Under the Area of Support, section Halls, Colleges and Other Units, please tick Other Unit and fill in "Hong Kong University Press" or "HKU Press".

Current Funds

YK Pao Publication Fund (established in 1971)

Supporting Asian Art and Architecture. Please click here for a list of the projects supported.

Chan Tseng Hsi Publication Fund (established in 1982)

Supporting Arts and Culture. Please click here for a list of the projects supported.


Other Ways of Giving

(1) Establish a New Fund

Support the publication of HKU history / STEM / Translated / Open Access books, or create one in support of a specific area of interest. Please contact us to discuss the details, at

(2) Name and Finance the Publication of a Book Series

For example, The (donor's name) Hong Kong Matters Series can be accompanied by a dedicated bookshelf space at the HKUP Bookshop. Please contact us to discuss the details, at

(3) Production Support

Help us win design awards with high quality book designs, or support us on general production processes from graphic design, translation to printing. Please contact us to discuss the details, at

(4) Hardware Support

Support the upgrade of our computers, electronic gadgets, dehumidifiers, Point-of-Sales system and machines, printers, branded marketing props, etc. Please contact us to discuss the details, at

(5) Volunteer for Us

If you know anyone, or if you are an editor, copy-editor, acquisition editor, translator (CH-EN / EN-CH), graphic designer, photographer, videographer, or a sales & marketeer based in U.K. and Europe, who are passionate about supporting our mission, please contact us to discuss the details, at

(6) Donate Author Royalties

Consider donating your royalties to sustain our publications, please let us know at

(7) Write Us a Testimonial

Spread the word! Have you published a book with HKU Press? If you enjoyed working with us, please consider writing a couple of sentences or a short paragraph, and allow us to showcase them as testimonials on our website. Please contact the marketing team directly, at

(8) Share Your Feedback

What can we improve on? Spare a few minutes and let us know by filling out this questionnaire. You could choose to stay anonymous.