The Dynamics of Social Movements in Hong Kong


Edited by Stephen Wing Kai Chiu and Tai-lok Lui

ISBN : 978-962-209-497-0

Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology Hong Kong Culture and Society

January 2000

340 pages, 6″ x 9″

  • HK$180.00

Studies of Hong Kong society have long focused one-sidedly upon economic proserity and political stability. Contributors to this volume redress this imbalance by taking a critical view of Hong Kong’s political development from the perspectives of social conflicts and collective actions. Instead of looking at Hong Kong from the top, this volume documents the active role played by local actors from below (political groups, student activists, trade unions, women groups, environmentalists, and community organizers) and their impact on social and political development in Hong Kong society in the context of political transition and democratization, economic restructuring, and an emergent local identity.

Stephen Wing Kai Chiu and Tai Lok Lui are associate professors in Sociology Department, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Their recent joint publications include articles in Environment and Planning A and a book entitled City-States in the Global Economy (co-authored with K. C. Ho).