Blast 爆蛹

Haoran Wang 王昊然

ISBN : 978-988-16056-3-4

Film, Media, Fine Arts Other Distributed Titles

March 2013

200 pages, 4.75″ x 7.25″

  • HK$100.00

Hong Kong Arts Festival New Play Selection 2013
香港藝術節新劇本選 2013

In a city that is constantly being demolished and rebuilt, in an urban village so poor that its Gini coefficient is off the charts, three lonely men with no house, no car and no women squeeze into a bedsit with no past and no future. From their debate of toilet philosophy begins an absurd and brilliant war in defence of the sperm; from ploys, tricks and surprises comes tearful laughter.

Commissioned and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Blast is the work of Hunan-born playwright Simon Wang, who examines the individual quest for the meaning of life, against a backdrop of cramped urban spaces.


香港藝術節委約及製作,新銳編劇王昊然,以冷諷角度,探討都市人如何於齷齪狹隘的生活空間,尋覓存在價值. .