Catering for Individual Differences—Building on Variation

The First Findings


Mun Ling Lo and Wing Yan Pong

ISBN : 978-962-8093-17-5

Education Distributed for The University of Hong Kong

November 2002

112 pages, 8.25″ x 11.75″

  • HK$100.00

This book describes the use of ‘Learning Study’ to cater for individual differences through empowering teachers. ‘Learning Study’ is grounded in a particular learning theory based in which teachers who are teaching the same subject at the same level work together to produce research lessons. A detailed description of the theoretical framework employed is given. Illustrative examples-a number of learning studies that were planned and taught according to the theoretical framework are also provided to give readers a sense of what a research lesson looks like in practice.

This book is intended for school principals and teachers who are involved in school-based curriculum development, for researchers in teacher education and for policy makers concerned with improving teaching and learning.