The Political Economy of Sino-American Relations

A Greater China Perspective


Edited by Y. Y. Kueh

ISBN : 978-962-209-440-6

Politics, Government, Public Administration

October 1997

308 pages, 6.5″ x 9.5″

  • HK$180.00

In the post-Cold War world, the United States and China together forms one of the most significant relationships in the Asian Pacific region. However, this relationship cannot be considered in isolation from the dynamic economic integration of China with Hong Kong and Taiwan into what is now called ‘Greater China’.

This volume draws on a wide range of international expertise to examine the nature of the US economic interaction with Greater China. Set against the historical and political background of Sino-American relations, the contributors discuss in detail trade and investment flows between Greater China and the United States as well as China’s entry into the World Trade Organization. The impact on regional trading partners and global trading organizations is also evaluated.

The differing perspectives and analyses presented here make this volume a stimulating re-assessment of the current state of Sino-American economic relations as the region approaches the new century.

Y. Y. Kueh is Chair Professor of Economics at Lingnan College, serving concurrently as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Before joining the College in 1992, Professor Kueh was Foundation Director of the Centre for Chinese Political Economy at Macquarie University, Sydney.