Libraries and Information Centres in Hong Kong


Compiled and edited by Julia L. Y. Chan, Angela S. W. Yan, and Kan Lai-bing

ISBN : 978-962-209-409-3


June 1996

576 pages, 7.5″ x 9.5″

  • HK$480.00

The directory records information on 763 libraries in Hong Kong, listing 53 community centre libraries, 62 general and public libraries, 27 post-secondary college and university libraries, 16 theological libraries, 432 school libraries, 50 government departmental libraries, 24 hospital/medical/nursing libraries, 95 special libraries and 4 club/society libraries.

In October 1994, questionnaires were sent or faxed to every library listed in the previous edition and various other sources. For those libraries who had contributed to the previous edition (1988) a copy of their previous entries was supplied for amendment and addition; to prospective new entrants sample entries were sent for general guidance. Information in the directory has been compiled from the returned questionnaires or direct telephone contacts with those who did not respond to the initial questionnaires. The final deadline for collection of data was September 1995.Approximately 750 questionnaires were sent out. More than 98% responded, many with enthusiasm for the project. The response to the questionnaires is gratifying, which indicates that the directory has achieved a high level of respect among libraries and information services in Hong Kong.

The main body of the directory consists of a single alphabetic sequence of entries for the various institutions, with a classified section at the end. Each entry contains detailed information such as the address, person in charge, opening hours, services provided, funds available, stock, loan and reader statistics, catalogue type, and extension activities organized. The directory serves as a major resource for librarians and information specialists and is a necessary purchase of any library and information centre.

Julia L. Y. Chan is currently the Reader Services Librarian of the University of Hong Kong. Angela S. W. Yan is currently the Deputy Librarian (Reader Services) of the University of Hong Kong. Dr Kan Lai-bing is currently the University Librarian of the University of Hong Kong. Her publications include books and articles—such as bibliographies and annotated guides to serials, newspapers and government publications of Hong Kong; directories of library and information services; and the history and development of libraries in Hong Kong—published both locally and abroad.