Coaching Intervention for Psychosis

A Lifestyle Redesigning Approach


Kwok-fai Leung, Iris Hiu Hung Chan, Nicole Ka Man Lau, and Eric Yu-hai Chen

ISBN : 978-988-8390-91-5

Medicine, Health Sciences, Public Health

January 2018

148 pages, 6″ x 9″, 10 b&w illus.; 6 tables

  • HK$220.00

Also available in Hardback HK$500.00

Despite recent advances in pharmacotherapy, psychosocial casework, and early interventions, improving the treatment of psychotic disorders is still a major challenge for mental health professionals. The coaching approach discussed in this book specifically addresses that difficulty. It is a recovery-oriented approach that attempts to help mental health patients function better in everyday life.

The book starts with a short introduction to psychotic disorders, the principles of psychosocial intervention, and the challenges inherent in such interventions. It then provides a systematic review of the lifestyle redesigning approach, i.e., the coaching approach in the context of an early psychosis intervention program in Hong Kong (the Jockey Club Early Psychosis Program). There is also a step-by-step guide to conducting group intervention sessions using the coaching approach.

Intended for mental health professionals working with psychosis patients, Coaching Intervention for Psychosis: A Lifestyle Redesigning Approach provides useful instructions for basic training. It is also invaluable to patients and caregivers who wish to understand and facilitate the intervention procedures.

Kwok-fai Leung is manager of the Occupational Therapy Department in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong. Iris Hiu Hung Chan was a case intervention officer for the Jockey Club Early Psychosis Project. Nicole Ka Man Lau is a professionally trained life coach under the International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program. Eric Yu-hai Chen is Chi-Li Pao Foundation Professor of Psychiatry and head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Hong Kong.