Integrated Systematic Nephrology, Fourth Edition


Edited by Desmond Yap, Tak Mao Chan, and Man Kam Chan

ISBN : 978-988-8528-70-7

Medicine, Health Sciences, Public Health

December 2021

228 pages, 7.5″ x 10.25″, 81 color illus. & 66 tables

  • HK$360.00

The clinical practice of nephrology is intricately related to many medical disciplines and is a challenging subject for medical undergraduates and young clinicians alike. Integrated Systematic Nephrology is a clinical reference book that provides a comprehensive yet succinct and systematic coverage of topics in nephrology. This new edition has been thoroughly updated to cover recent advances in nephrology clinical practice and research, and has been expanded to include a vast array of subjects that are crucial to anyone interested in learning about the latest developments in renal medicine more broadly.

This volume brings together contributions from highly experienced nephrologists, as well as leading specialists in related disciplines such as urology, radiology, pathology, and others. It is suitable for a wide audience, ranging from undergraduates, general physicians, to nephrology trainees.

Desmond Yap is Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong. He is also Honorary Consultant Physician at the Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong. Tak Mao Chan is Chair Professor and Yu Chiu Kwong Professor in Medicine at the University of Hong Kong. He is also Honorary Consultant Physician at the Queen Mary Hospital and Chief of Nephrology at the Hospital Authority Hong Kong West Cluster Hospitals. Man Kam Chan was previously Chief of Nephrology in the Department of Medicine, Queen Mary Hospital, and former Reader in the Department of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong. He was the author and editor of the first edition of Integrated Systematic Nephrology.

‘Kidney disease is a major public health problem worldwide. Acute kidney injury, irrespective of cause, is a serious condition with high mortality; one of eight people suffers from chronic kidney disease. Appropriate knowledge about kidney disease is thus essential for all clinicians.
The fourth edition of Integrated Systematic Nephrology covers all crucial aspects of kidney disease, and offers useful guidance for daily clinical practice. The book provides important information on topics ranging from pathogenic mechanisms to the management of kidney diseases, and is filled with beautiful figures and photographs. Medical students, residents, and board-certified doctors will enjoy and learn a lot from this book.’ —Masaomi Nangaku, President of the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology (2019–2022); President of the International Society of Nephrology (2023–2025)