Hong Kong Foodways


Sidney C. H. Cheung

ISBN : 978-988-8754-35-9

Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology Hong Kong Matters

October 2022

116 pages, 5″ x 7″, 10 b&w illus.

  • HK$120.00

This book examines Hong Kong foodways in different periods of social development and hopes to advance anthropological inquiries by addressing issues concerning identity, migration, consumerism, globalization, and the invention of local cuisines in the context of Hong Kong as a fast-changing society in East Asia. 

Sidney C. H. Cheung is a professor in the Department of Anthropology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

‘This book relates food production and consumption to ecology, migration, and globalization and contributes to the study of food heritage. It is an essential reference on the study of foodways in Hong Kong.’

Tan Chee-Beng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

‘Thanks to Sidney Cheung, the local anthropologist of food, this new book of rich literatures and intimate ethnographies tells amazing political stories of gourmet eating and ethnic and foreign cuisines in Hong Kong.’

David Y. H. Wu, East-West Center