Lens on China 影像中国

Intermediate and Advanced Readings on Film for Learning Chinese 现代汉语中高级电影读本

Jing Wang and Xi Tian 王静、田溪

ISBN : 978-988-8528-21-9

Language, Linguistics, Reference

January 2020

196 pages, 7″ x 10″, 10 b&w illus. & 3 tables

  • HK$360.00

Lens on China: Intermediate and Advanced Readings on Film for Learning Chinese is an innovative textbook that uses film to teach Mandarin Chinese. It not only provides students with a non-traditional way to learn Chinese by combining visual and textual materials, but also creates real, sociocultural and linguistic situations where students can use their acquired skills. Each lesson of the textbook focuses on one film in a highly engaging and effective way of learning. Each lesson comes with a comprehensive vocabulary list, detailed grammar explanations, and exercises in various forms. Such a design ensures a balance between basic language training in vocabulary and grammatical structure, and more advanced goals in interactive communication and in-depth reflection.

Ten films are chosen to help the student achieve sociocultural knowledge that will deepen their understanding of contemporary China. Half of the films selected are light-hearted works on youth, love, and aspirations, with discussions revolving around topics such as relationships, immigration, elderly care, education, and social justice. The other half tackles more complex issues pertinent to the impact of China’s economic and political reforms, as well as its fast-changing social and cultural landscape. Lens on China will become a treasured language resource to those who want to master Mandarin Chinese.

Jing Wang is senior lecturer of Chinese at Princeton University. Xi Tian is assistant professor of East Asian Studies at Bucknell University.

“In Lens on China, the authors utilize various efficient pedagogical approaches, including theme-based and communicative-based methodologies. The book also stays focused on the language training in vocabulary and grammatical structure. A groundbreaking work among other textbooks on teaching Chinese language through readings on film.” —Yongping Zhu, University of Notre Dame

“This nicely designed textbook is tailor-made for intermediate and advanced learners of Chinese, who aspire to improve their Chinese language proficiency and to develop a better understanding of key issues in contemporary Chinese society.” —Hsin-hsin Liang, University of Virginia