Early Hong Kong Travel 1880–1939 香港早期旅遊一八八O – 一九三九

The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited, Benjamin W. Yim and Louis Vuitton Collections 香港上海大酒店有限公司、嚴頴及路易威登藏品

Benjamin W. Yim and Joan Y. H. Ho 嚴穎、何懿行

ISBN : 978-988-19021-5-3

Film, Media, Fine Arts Distributed for HKU Museum and Art Gallery 香港大學美術博物館

September 2011

360 pages, 9.5″ x 12.5″, illustrations throughout

  • HK$1,200.00

As part of The University of Hong Kong’s centennial celebration programme, the University Museum and Art Gallery presents an exhibition on early Hong Kong travel, from 1880 to 1939. In collaboration with an established collector, Benjamin W. Yim, the exhibition, with the participation and support of The Hong Kong Heritage Project, The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited and Louis Vuitton, features over 100 exhibits. Vintage menus, cabin trunks, programmes, postcards, photographs, luggage labels, travel guides and brochures, together with other miscellaneous items associated with recreational activities, are on view. To give visitors a glimpse of Hong Kong’s pre-war colonial past, this exhibition, using travel as a theme, attempts to present impressions of Hong Kong as it would appear to European and American visitors arriving by ocean liner. The exhibition presents a number of late nineteenth century features in order to give visitors a realistic experience of what it was like to be in the city a century ago. This volume is the catalogue of the exhibition.

為慶祝香港大學百週年校慶,香港大學美術博物館舉辦香港早期旅遊展覽,並展出一八八○至一九三九年間與殖民香港時期的相關展品,逾一百件的展品中包括有早期餐單、旅行箱、節目表單、明信片、老照片、行李標籤、旅遊指南及宣傳小冊子等與旅遊娛樂相關的物品。展覽由博物館與本地藏家嚴穎合作策展,並有香港社會發展回顧項目、香港上海大酒店有限公司、嚴穎及路易威登共同支持借出藏品。 為體現香港在戰前的殖民風貌,是次展覽試圖以旅遊為題,進而重現昔日遊者由歐美乘搭遠洋郵輪來港之後的一貫印象。展覽更引用多種十九世紀末的元素,務使觀眾猶如置身香港百年前的真情實景。本書是博物館為配合展覽而出版的圖錄。