Hong Kong Land for Hong Kong People

Fixing the Failures of Our Housing Policy


Yue Chim Richard Wong

ISBN : 978-988-8208-65-4

Economics, Finance, Business, Management

January 2015

232 pages, 6″ x 9″, 14 b&w illus.

  • HK$430.00

Hong Kong is one of the world’s most densely populated cities. Land supply, property values, and housing provision are inextricably linked with the city’s economic growth and questions of economic equality. In Hong Kong Land for Hong Kong People, Yue Chim Richard Wong traces the history of Hong Kong’s postwar housing policy. He then discusses current housing problems and their solutions, drawing on examples from around the world. Wong argues that housing policy in Hong Kong, with its multiple, often incompatible objectives, and its focus on supply over demand, can no longer satisfy the needs of a diverse and dynamic population. He recommends three simple low-cost policies to promote homeownership and social mobility: sell public rental housing units to the sitting tenants; make subsidized homes more affordable; and reform the public housing program along lines adopted in Singapore, where government-built housing may be resold or leased in a free market.

This is the second of Richard Wong’s collections of articles on society and economy in Hong Kong. The first, Diversity and Occasional Anarchy, published by Hong Kong University Press in 2013, examines the growing contradictions in Hong Kong’s economy predicament in historical context.

Yue Chim Richard Wong is professor of economics and Philip Wong Kennedy Wong Professor in Political Economy at the University of Hong Kong, where he has served as former deputy vice-chancellor and provost.