Responding to Child Abuse

Procedures and Practice for Child Protection in Hong Kong


Edited by Charles O’Brian, Yau Ling Cheng Chung, and Nancy Rhind

ISBN : 978-962-209-429-1

Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology

March 1997

200 pages, 6.5″ x 9.5″

  • HK$120.00

This book provides a detailed examination of child protection procedures and practice in Hong Kong. It is the first exclusive study of the subject in the context of a Chinese society. Using theoretical chapters and case studies which are subjected to critical analyses, the reader is guided on a journey along the path which children, parents and professionals follow. In addition to examining the different forms of abuse: physical, sexual, psychological and gross neglect, there are chapters devoted to historical background, to prevention, and to a vision for future development. The book is aimed at a multidisciplinary readership and the authors reflect this diversity. Most have a close connection with the organization, Against Child Abuse.

A Comprehensive and timely publication to the literature on child abuse, this book will be of interest to all practitioners, academics and students who are concerned with the welfare of children.

Charles O’Brian is an Associate Professor in Social Work at the City University of Hong Kong. He has been a practitioner and a researcher in the field of child abuse for over 20 years. Cheng Chung Yau Ling is a Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Hong Kong. She is Vice-Chairperson of Against Child Abuse and also advisor to a number of child education and welfare organizations. Nancy Rhind is a retired Field Instructor in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, the University of Hong Kong. She was a member of the Against Child Abuse Executive Committee for 15 years, and is now an Honorary Advisor.