Preventing Family Violence

A Multidisciplinary Approach


Edited by Ko-Ling Chan

ISBN : 978-988-8083-78-7

Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology

February 2012

360 pages, 6″ x 9″, 6 b&w illus.; 15 tables

  • HK$195.00

Family violence, including intimate partner violence, elder abuse and child maltreatment, is a serious and deteriorating social problem. It may cause irreparable damage to the victim’s physical and mental health, as well as social functioning, welfare, and legal status. Previous efforts to formulate preventive measures under different disciplines are often ineffective. This book is among the first attempts to integrate perspectives from different inter-related disciplines into the development of preventive strategies for family violence. Experts from health, legal, social work, sociology, and psychology have contributed to the multidisciplinary approach based on their professional discretion.

Adopting illustrative examples in Hong Kong, the contributors focus on violence prevention by including up-to-date information on related research, policy and services. The book is therefore a useful guide for professionals and students from different disciplines in their quest to promote stable families and a safe society.

Ko-Ling Chan is an assistant professor in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration of the University of Hong Kong. His specialty being family violence, he has conducted high-impact, socially relevant research on areas including intimate partner violence; narrative accounts by male batterers; pregnancy and violence; and child abuse, neglect and other forms of victimization.

“Using the Hong Kong context as an illustration, Preventing Family Violence: A Multidisciplinary Approach skillfully demonstrates the efficacy of integrating insights from multiple disciplines to enlighten our understanding of how best to prevent family violence.” —Professor Douglas A. Brownridge, University of Manitoba, author of Violence Against Women: Vulnerable Populations

“I welcome the publication of this book as a step forward in the prevention of family violence. It contains invaluable information and resource material for those involved in promoting a safe and friendly environment for family life in Hong Kong. It also sheds lights on the ways to prevent family violence through legal reform, sound policies, research and evidence-based intervention.” —Dr. Jessica Ho, Director, Against Child Abuse, Hong Kong