Suicide in Asia

Causes and Prevention

(自殺: 原因及預防)

Edited by Paul S. F. Yip

ISBN : 978-962-209-943-2

Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology

September 2008

176 pages, 6″ x 9″

  • HK$140.00

Also available in Hardback HK$295.00

Over one million people worldwide commit suicide every year, and more than 60% of suicide deaths occur in Asia. However, very little reliable information is available to permit a good understanding of the multifaceted and complex issues involved in suicide prevention in the region. This book provides detailed analyses of suicide in eight Asian societies. While each society has its own unique characteristics, Asia as a whole is under rapid transition and transformation, and the associated stress and depression are both closely linked to suicide. Hopefully, a better, evidence-based understanding of suicide will enable governments and non-government organizations to establish effective and culturally sensitive suicide prevention strategies for the region.

Dr. Paul S. F. Yip is the director of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention and a Professor of Social Work and Social Administration at the University of Hong Kong.

“In recent years, through research and greater openness, the extent and nature of the problem of suicide in Asia have become more apparent. It is clear that the causes of suicide in Asia and hence the optimal prevention strategies have some specific features which differ from those elsewhere in the world. It is therefore extremely welcome to see a book specifically focussed on suicide in Asia. The editor and authors are to be congratulated on having prepared a valuable contribution that will help in tackling this important issue.” —Professor Keith Hawton, University of Oxford

“This useful compilation of findings on suicide in Asian societies will be important for suicide researchers worldwide. The interpretations of their meanings are also important and raise questions about the intersection of rapid societal changes, changes in subjectivity and moral experience, and culture that will fuel research for the next decade. A real achievement!” —Professor Arthur Kleinman, Harvard University

“This book contributes significantly to our understanding of suicide in Asian societies. Most of what we know about suicide in the world comes from studies in Western countries, despite the fact that a majority of the world’s suicides occur in Asia. The information in this volume provides an essential basis for understanding suicide in Asian countries in order to develop culture-sensitive prevention strategies in the Asian region.” —Professor Brian L Mishara, President, International Association for Suicide Prevention