Sea Creatures & Animals in Hong Kong and From Around the World 海洋及陸地的動物朋友

A Children's Guide by Professor Brian Morton 莫雅頓教授的兒童圖書

Brian Morton

ISBN : 978-988-75921-0-5

Architecture, Urban Planning, Environment, Heritage and Conservation Other Distributed Titles

September 2022

72 pages, 11.06″ x 9.685″, color illustrations throughout

  • HK$128.00

Dive into the world of fascinating sea creatures and animals. This book will take young readers on a journey to discover an impressive trove of marine animals endemic to Hong Kong, from underwater creatures to those they can easily spot at a beach or a market fishmonger’s stand, plus other animals with conservation value worldwide.

The book is a collaboration between The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong and “Hong Kong’s father of marine conservation”, the late Professor Brian Morton. Vividly bringing to life 40 sea creatures and animals mainly found in Hong Kong, Professor Brian Morton’s beautifully hand-drawn drawings come with little-known nature facts that will surely captivate young imaginative minds: fishes that can “walk” along the seabed and “fly” from predators, daddy seahorses giving birth to baby seahorses, red pandas being totally unrelated to the giant panda and many more fun facts that kids would appreciate.

A book for the young and the young at heart, “Sea Creatures & Animals in Hong Kong and From Around the World”, will spark your child’s love for the rich biodiversity around them, inspiring them to become protectors of these precious marine treasures. Proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong to support its ecological conservation initiative.

Professor Brian Morton was a world-renowned marine ecologist and a pioneer in HK’s marine conservation efforts. He was a founding member of WWFHK, a key contributor of several nature reserves in Hong Kong. He taught Ecology and Biodiversity at HKU and was a prolific writer, publishing over 25 books.