A Story of Light 光的故事

Hon Chi-fun 韓志勳

Edited by ASHK Gallery Team 亞洲協會香港中心藝術館團隊 編

ISBN : 978-988-78732-1-1

Film, Media, Fine Arts Distributed for Asia Society Hong Kong Center 亞洲協會香港中心

March 2019

118 pages, 8.25″ x 11.25″, 58 color or b&w illus.

  • HK$280.00

This catalogue is published on the occasion of Asia Society Hong Kong Center’s eponymous exhibition, A Story of Light: Hon Chi-fun, from March 12 to June 9, 2019, the pioneering Hong Kong artist’s first career-spanning exhibition in over a decade. The book includes a catalogue of all exhibited artworks, as well as four new essays and specially commissioned poems that illuminate the role that Hon played in the development of modern art in Hong Kong, and testifies to his enduring legacy as an artist who continually defied categorization and forged his own path of avant-garde abstraction.