Family Law for the Hong Kong SAR


Athena Nga Chee Liu

ISBN : 978-962-209-492-5


April 1999

540 pages

  • HK$220.00
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Family Law for the Hong Kong SAR gives a succinct, clear and comprehensive account of modern family law and will be useful to both students and practitioners. This book incorporates recent developments in family law such as the Marriage and Children (Miscellaneous Amendments) Ordinance 1997, Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions and Minor Amendments) Ordinance 1997 and the Child Abduction and Custody Ordinance 1997.

Contents include: the old-style customary marriage, concubinage, modern marriage, and Christian marriage; nullity and divorce; legitimacy and illegitimacy; parentage; parental rights and authority; the welfare principle; custody on divorce; adoption; wardship; child abduction; maintenance during marriage; financial provision and property on divorce, and domestic violence.

Athena Nga Chee Liu is an associate professor in the Department of Law, the University of Hong Kong. She teaches Family Law and Medico-Legal Issues. She has written in both areas, including ‘Wrongful Life: Some of the Problems’, Journal of Medical Ethics (1987); Artificial Reproduction and Reproductive Rights, (1991); Family Legal Practice Manual, (1998). Athena has served as a member of the Hartmann’s Working Group on the Law and Practice of Matrimonial Proceedings, the Hong Kong Law Reform Commission’s sub-committee on Guardianship and Custody of Minors, and the Provisional Council on Reproductive Technology.