An Introduction to International Varieties of English


Laurie Bauer

ISBN : 978-962-209-644-8

Language, Linguistics, Reference

April 2003

144 pages, 5.4″ x 8.3″

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  • Introductory text, presupposes a minimum of previous knowledge
  • Focuses on common traits rather than on individual varieties
  • informed by latest research on dialect mixing
  • Exercises included with each chapter
  • References for further reading in each chapter

An Introduction to International Varieties of English looks at native speaker varieties of English, considering how and why they differ in terms of their pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and spelling. It shows how the major national varieties of English have developed, why similar causes have given rise to different effects in different parts of the world, and how the same problems of description arise in relation to all colonial Englishes. The book considers the way that these colonial Englishes are drifting apart, and becoming more independent, and discusses the extent to which they are really separate languages. Finally, it looks at the vexed question of standards in such varieties.

Laurie Bauer is Professor of Linguistics at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.