Understanding English Grammar

A Coursebook for Chinese Learners of English


Tony T. N. Hung

ISBN : 978-962-209-726-1

Language, Linguistics, Reference

January 2005

244 pages, 6″ x 9″

  • HK$140.00
No longer available

This book aims at helping learners of English (particularly those whose first language is Chinese) to improve their understanding of, and their competence in, English grammar. It directly addresses the needs of Chinese learners and takes full account of their first language in helping them understand how English works by systematically requiring them to think about grammar, and to come up with their own hypotheses about how it works on the basis of the given data.

The book is designed for students’ learning on their own as well as in a classroom. Each chapter is accompanied by a separate ‘students’ notes’, which the students can consult after working through all the data and exercises in each chapter, to check their own answers and to read further explanations on the grammatical points in question. This book therefore appeals to the growing number of students learning through self-access, as well as promotes independent learning among those enrolled in educational institutions.

Key features:

  • Directly addresses the needs of Chinese learners of English
  • Concise, user-friendly grammar presentations followed by examples of correct use
  • Innovative exercises offering learners in-depth practice of key grammar points
  • Detailed students’ notes section and a full answer key for easy reference
  • Suitable for use in class, or for self-study

Tony T. N. Hung is Professor and Head of the Language Centre at Hong Kong Baptist University.

“With a special focus on the needs of Chinese-speaking learners of English, this course book is a welcome addition. Following an inductive approach, it encourages students to think about and actively explore key concepts and patterns in English grammar.” —Jane Jackson, Professor, Department of English, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

“Many Chinese learners who have studied English for some years already have some basic understanding of grammar but still make mistakes because they are not clear about certain grammatical relations. As a course book focused on aspects that Chinese learners have difficulty with, Understanding English Grammar enhances their ability to discover what they do not know and find answers for themselves so that they can correct their own mistakes. Written in learner-friendly language, this book will prove valuable to both teachers and learners.” —Agnes Lam, Associate Professor, English Centre, The University of Hong Kong