Expand Your English

A Guide to Improving Your Academic Vocabulary


Steve Hart

ISBN : 978-988-8390-99-1

Language, Linguistics, Reference

October 2017

248 pages, 6″ x 9″

  • HK$200.00

Writing academic prose in English is especially difficult for non-native speakers, largely because the standard vocabulary used in this genre can be quite different from colloquial English. Expand Your English: A Guide to Improving Your Academic Vocabulary is a unique and invaluable guide that will enable the reader to overcome this hurdle. It will become the favourite go-to reference book for both beginners and for intermediate learners struggling with the complexities of English-language academic writing.

Steve Hart covers 1,000 vocabulary items that are essential for good academic writing. The first section describes 200 key terms in detail, grouping them into logical sets of 10. Through careful repetition, the reader will find it easy to retain, retrieve, and reuse these essential phrases. The second section explains a further 800 terms, grouping them according to function, meaning, and the areas of an essay where they are likely to be used. The expansive scope of Expand Your English gives non-native speakers all the vocabulary tools they need to master this difficult style of writing.

Steve Hart has been editing and proofreading for international academics and graduate students since 2005. He is the author of English Exposed: Common Mistakes Made by Chinese Speakers and has co-authored undergraduate English textbooks for the Indian market and written two practical grammar guides for university students. He is currently an academic coordinator and dissertation supervisor at a higher education institution in Cambridge, England.