Task-based Learning, Language Arts and the Media

A Resource Book for Secondary English Teachers


Edited by Angela Mok

ISBN : 978-962-8093-15-1

Education Distributed for The University of Hong Kong

October 2001

98 pages, 8.25″ x 11.375″

  • HK$80.00

This book is a timely publication for secondary English teachers who would like to include language arts activities to enhance creativity in students and develop interest of learning English in the classroom. This resource book contains two sections: the first section starts with an introduction of the place of language arts in language learning and in the secondary English Syllabus, introducing a framework for planning language arts activities in the English curriculum. The remaining chapters in this section are practical classroom examples, including chapters on poetry for language teaching and learning, drama and stories in the language classroom, using radio, television and Internet for English language learning. The second section comprises language arts resources from the Internet, book resources and audio / video material.