Light the Darkness

Story of the Hong Kong Red Cross, 1950–2000


Tai-lok Lui

ISBN : 978-962-209-529-8


September 2001

116 pages, 7.75″ x 10″

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The Hong Kong Red Cross is a voluntary organisation dedicated to the promotion of humanitarian work in Hong Kong. Over the years, members and volunteers of the Hong Kong Red Cross have worked tirelessly to provide assistance to people in need—appealing for donations in aid of victims, promoting blood drives as well as organizing volunteer activities. The development of the Red Cross’s work in promoting humanitarian aid has gone hand in hand with the transformation of Hong Kong itself from a ‘refugee society’ with little public spirit, to a community which cares about others and which is ready to land a hand to those in need, including people outside of Hong Kong. These are two ‘stories of Hong Kong’ which have developed in tandem. Indeed, the 50-year history of the Hong Kong Red Cross in promoting humanitarian work is a fitting testimony to the successful nurturing of the society of Hong Kong and its citizens into loving and caring human beings.

Tai-lok Lui is Associate Professor of Sociology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.