Emergency Medicine Casebook


Ling Pong Leung

ISBN : 978-962-209-711-7

Medicine, Health Sciences, Public Health

July 2004

156 pages

  • HK$98.00
No longer available

Emergency medicine is a new and rapidly developing specialty. The fast patient flow, the large patient load, and the diversified clinical presentation make the emergency department a challenging place to work in. For the same reasons, the practice of emergency medicine is full of pitfalls. A mistake can be fatal.

The 72 case histories included in this book cover a wide range of subjects and are real-life problems that may be encountered in emergency departments. Presented in the form of a clinical quiz, each case history is followed by questions. Discussion of the answers, with references, is given at the end of each quiz.

Written for doctors working in the emergency department, the book serves as a stimulus for further self-study and an aid for professional examinations. Medical students, nurses and paramedics may also find it useful.

Dr. Leung Ling Pong, a senior medical officer, has worked in emergency departments in Hong Kong for more than ten years. He is also an honorary clinical assistant professor in the Department of Anaesthesiology of the University of Hong Kong, participating in the teaching of undergraduates on the subject of emergency medicine.

“Very interesting and topical, authoritative, up to date and relevant, taking into consideration recent advances in the field.” —Professor Peter A. Cameron, formerly Accident & Emergency Medicine Academic Unit, The Chinese University of Hong Kong