Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women

Antiquity Through Sui 1600 B.C.E.–618 C.E.

(中國婦女傳記辭典:上古至隋代,公元前1600–公元618 )

Editors-in-Chief: Lily Xiao Hong Lee and A. D. Stefanowska

ISBN : 978-962-209-887-9

History Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women

July 2007

436 pages, 6″ x 9″

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This new volume of the Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women spans more than 2,000 years from antiquity to the early seventh century. It recovers the stories of more than 200 women, nearly all of them unknown in the West. The contributors have sifted carefully through the available sources, from the oracle bones to the earliest legends, from Liu Xiang’s didactic Biographies to official and unofficial histories, for glimpses and insights into the lives of women.

Empresses and consorts, nuns and shamans, women of notoriety or exemplary virtue, women of daring and women of artistic or scholarly accomplishment – all are to be found here. The editors have assembled the stories of women high born and low, representing the full range of female endeavor. The biographies are organized alphabetically within three historical groupings, to give some context to lives lived in changing circumstances over two millennia. A glossary, a chronology, and a finding list that identifies women of each period by background or field of endeavor are also provided.