World Englishes in Asian Contexts


Yamuna Kachru and Cecil L. Nelson

ISBN : 978-962-209-755-1

Language, Linguistics, Reference Asian Englishes Today

April 2006

436 pages, 6″ x 9″, 5 b&w illus.; 8 figures & 4 maps

  • HK$250.00

Also available in Paperback HK$250.00

This book is the first comprehensive treatment of the spread, acculturation, functions and evolution of English in Asia. It discusses all major issues resulting from the introduction of English in culturally different contexts and the two-way interaction of English and local languages in Asia. It also includes an extensive bibliography representing both pedagogical and theoretical works, and lists of additional resources in world English literatures and select websites. This book provides essential reading for students, researchers and professionals in English studies and world Englishes.

Yamuna Kachru is professor emerita of linguistics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She specializes in theoretical and applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, South Asian linguistics, and world Englishes. Cecil L. Nelson is an associate professor of linguistics at Indiana State University. His research has focused primarily on intelligibility and linguistic aspects of bilinguals’ creativity in world Englishes.

“This enlightening work succinctly describes an astoundingly wide range of theoretical and pedagogical themes. A remarkable contribution to our better understanding of two major characteristics of contemporary English: internationalization (diffusion) and diversification (adaptation).” —Nobuyuki Honna, Aoyama Gakuin University

“One of the most comprehensive works that identifies and recognizes the phenomenon of Asian Englishes in the global context of World Englishes. Written in an eminently readable style, the book leaves us much richer in our understanding of the structures and functions of Asian Englishes and state-of-the-art in linguistic and sociolinguistic theory and practices.” —Ravinder Gargesh, University of Delhi

“Doubly useful as a reference on Asian Englishes and as a general introduction to the world Englishes approach, this book offers up-to-date coverage of an area that is now home to the largest number of English users in the world. Innovative and engaging chapters treat theoretical, educational, and research issues.” —Daniel R. Davis, University of Michigan-Dearborn