Building the Dragon City

History of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong


HKU Faculty of Architecture

ISBN : 978-988-8083-62-6

Architecture, Urban Planning, Environmental Studies

June 2012

204 pages, 8.5″ x 11.625″, 41 color and 37 b&w illus.

  • HK$395.00

This book celebrates 60 years of the founding of the Faculty of Architecture at HKU. The Faculty has grown over the years from a single Department to a multi-disciplinary Faculty including: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, Housing Management, Real Estate and Construction, and Architectural Conservation.

The development of the Faculty has paralleled the vibrant growth of Hong Kong, especially following World War II when it became clear that a new generation of first-rate architects and other building professionals were needed if Hong Kong was to adequately house its burgeoning population and develop into a world-class city. Hong Kong’s role as a global city has been fulfilled, and HKU Architecture graduates can take pride in having contributed significantly to the city’s dazzling skyline.

The history of the Faculty, Building the Dragon City: History of the Faculty of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong, makes it clear that the basic issues surrounding the education of building professionals have been vigorously debated for the last six decades and this has been reflected in the development of the Faculty.