Developing Materials for TOC English


Bob Adamson and Marie Hing Yin Yu

ISBN : 978-962-8093-05-2

Education Distributed for The University of Hong Kong

April 1997

90 pages, 8.25″ x 11.5″

  • HK$50.00

Hong Kong’s economic and social developments in the past twenty years or so have led to moves to develop the school curriculum to meet the challenges of a modern, high-tech society. One initiative, the Target Oriented Curriculum (TOC), has been adopted by many primary schools in Hong Kong in recent years. It involves major changes to the curriculum, teaching methods and assessment systems for English Language, Chinese Language and Mathematics. It also has implications for the kind of teaching materials that we use.

This book presents techniques for English teachers to develop their own materials. The book is divided into three sections. The first section presents some general guidelines for planning a TOC module. The second discusses aspects of tailoring and designing specific TOC materials. The third is an exemplar unit, which shows what TOC materials can look like if you follow our methods.

Although this book is mainly for teachers of English, it is also useful for teachers of other subjects who want to work closely with English teachers.