Works by Fang Zhaoling


Zhaoling Fang

ISBN : 978-962-209-283-9

Film, Media, Fine Arts

September 1992

172 pages, 10″ x 14″

  • HK$495.00

Fang Zhaoling, one of China’s foremost artists, is renowned for her ability to meld traditional Chinese styles with contemporary themes. She studied painting under the successive tutelage of three of China’s most famous artists, Qian Songyan, Zhao Shao’ang and Zhang Daqian. During the 1950s she was greatly influenced by the Lingnan school; however, in subsequent decades she has developed her own distinctly personal style.

Fang Zhaoling’s works are rich in substance and colour. The subjects depicted and the feelings expressed harmonize well; current events often constitute the main theme of her works. Her figures have an elegant simplicity, while her landscapes appear majestic and ever-changing. She is not confined by any set rules on shading, line, composition or colour: frequently her painting flows from her immediate feelings and results in a variety of effects. This simple yet vigorous style is widely admired.

This collection of about 150 paintings and calligraphy consists of, for the most part, new works painted since 1984. Together they demonstrate the range of Fang Zhaoling’s creativity during this period.