Learning Language Through Literature in Primary Schools

Resource Book for Teachers of English


Edited by Peter Kennedy and Peter Falvey

ISBN : 978-962-209-476-5


October 1998

132 pages, 6.5″ x 9.5″

  • HK$99.00
No longer available

This resource book contains a wealth of ideas for primary school teachers of English who wish to use literary texts and techniques in the language classroom.

The book offers practical assistance in the form of lesson plans, teaching procedures, sample worksheets and follow-up activities. These have been tried out and reacted to by Hong Kong primary teachers, so that what is presented here is realistic and feasible in local classrooms. The materials will be useful for all practising primary teachers of English as well as for those on teacher education programmes.

The aim of the Experiential Dimension of the new Target Oriented Curriculum is to help Hong Kong (primary school) children develop an ever-improving capability to use English to respond and give expression to real and imaginative experience.

Activities related to storytelling, rhyme, songs and playlets are used here to help develop reading, listening and speaking skills and to generate written work appropriate for this level. Instead of language routines, drills and practice exercises there is an opportunity for the children to develop confidence in using English through greater personal engagement.

The tasks call for the active involvement of all pupils. When children see the words come alive and get up off the page, their crucial first experiences of learning English are likely to be enriching and enjoyable ones.

Peter Kennedy is a Lecturer in the School of Professional and Continuing Education, the University of Hong Kong. His main research interests are in teacher education, literary modernism, adult education and training, and Irish writing. Peter Falvey is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Curriculum Studies, the University of Hong Kong. His main research interests are within the areas of teacher education: assessment, the teaching of English literature, and text linguistics. Peter Falvey and Peter Kennedy are the authors of Learning Language Through Literature: A Sourcebook for Teachers of English in Hong Kong (Hong Kong University Press, 1997).