A Handbook of Practical Medical Terms (English-Chinese), Fourth Edition


William I. Wei, Stephen W. K. Cheng, and Anthony Ng 韋霖、鄭永強、吳崇文 合編

ISBN : 978-962-209-952-4

Medicine, Health Sciences, Public Health

July 2008

192 pages, 4.75″ x 7.5″

  • HK$98.00
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Emeritus Professor William I. Wei is formerly Division Chief of Head and Neck Surgery in the Department of Surgery, the University of Hong Kong. Stephen Cheng is the Serena H. C. Yang Professor and Division Chief of Vascular Surgery in the same department. Dr Anthony Ng, a former member of the Department of Surgery, is now in private practice.

‘The Hong Kong doctor is in a unique predicament—trained in English but carries out daily practice in Chinese. This handbook, prepared by working surgeons, should prove a useful tool to Hong Kong doctors and medical students.’ —From the Foreword to the First Edition by Professor John Wong

‘Credit must be given to the authors for giving a balanced emphasis to all clinical disciplines and consulting widely in compiling the first as well as the second editions.’ —From the Foreword to the Second Edition by Professor Rosie Young

‘By providing health care professionals with a vast range of the most up-to-date medical terminology, this handbook will serve admirably in overcoming one of the communication obstacles between carers and patients.’ —From the Foreword to the Third Edition by Dr E. K. Yeoh

‘This fourth edition remains an indispensable guide to the medical profession, and offers excellent value in terms of content, size and efficient reference.’ —From the Foreword to the Fourth Edition by Dr York Chow