Discourses of Cultural China in the Globalizing Age


Edited by Doreen D. Wu

ISBN : 978-962-209-912-8

Cultural Studies, Gender Studies Studying Multicultural Discourses

August 2008

272 pages, 6″ x 9″

  • HK$425.00

Also available in Paperback HK$225.00

The essays in Discourses of Cultural China in the Globalizing Age examine the discourses of Cultural China from a glocalization perspective, and attempt to understand contemporary Cultural China by recording, describing and explaining its current discourses. The book also analyses how the interpretation of Cultural China is connected with its past and how its discourses are reconstructed with those of other cultures in the age of accelerated globalization. The chapters here provide fresh empirical data and thought-provoking assessments of current discursive patterns in the Greater China region.

This book is the second title in the Studying Multicultural Discourses series, which promotes a new, multiculturalist orientation in discourse studies. Discourses of Cultural China in the Globalizing Age is ideal for students, researchers, and scholars who would like to know more about the discursive practice and changes in one of the fastest-growing regions in the world.

Doreen D. Wu is an associate professor in the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her primary research interests are in the area of comparative discourse studies, glocalization and multilingual media communications in the Greater China region.

“This book will be a valuable addition to the emerging literature which approaches ‘Cultural China’ from a discourse-analytical perspective, researching globalization and ‘glocalization’ as discursive hybridity.” —Norman Fairclough, Emeritus Professor, Lancaster University, UK

“The multiple approaches employed by scholars from various disciplines to study Cultural China from the discourse perspective not only make this book a significant addition to the literature, but also open a new door for understanding Chinese mind and behavior in this globalizing society. This book provides a holistic view, which bridges the missing gap between traditional and contemporary boundary in scholar’s work on the study of Chinese people.” —Guo-Ming Chen, Professor of Communication Studies, University of Rhode Island

“This collection of studies is long overdue. Since China adopted its open door policy in the last leg of the twentieth century, the tension has been growing more intensively than ever before over localization and globalization. The contributors take it by the horns, as it were, and explore the theme of glocalization, not just in the context of Mainland, but in the Greater China, or to the term, ‘Cultural China’. The collection makes an enjoyable and informative reading.” —Gu Yueguo, Research Professor, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Special Professor, the University of Nottingham