Hong Kong

The Contractors’ Experience


Anthony Walker

ISBN : 978-962-209-400-0

Architecture, Urban Planning, Environmental Studies

September 1995

232 pages

  • HK$250.00

Hong Kong’s impressive skyline and staggering infrastructure bear witness to the success of its construction industry. The aim of this book is to express the nature and significance of this industry. To illustrate how corporate strength, managerial abilities and technical skills play essential roles in the construction of technologically demanding projects, the book also features profiles of eight of Hong Kong’s foremost contractors.

As the Hong Kong Construction Association celebrates its 75th Anniversary in 1995, this publication is an appropriate tribute to the many contracting companies that have served Hong Kong with distinction.

Anthony Walker, is Professor of Surveying at the University of Hong Kong. He also wrote The Building of Hong Kong for the HKCA on the occasion of the Association’s 70th Anniversary.