Forthcoming New Series — Entanglements: Rethinking Comparison in the Long Contemporary

Editors in Chief: J. Daniel Elam (University of Hong Kong) and Alvin K. Wong (University of Hong Kong)

This is a three-part series initiated by the Department of Comparative Literature and the Center forthe Study of Globalization and Cultures at the University of Hong Kong. Envisioning the “long contemporary” as a scene of entanglement, the series assesses the ongoing project of “comparison” in the wake of global changes that have shaped the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Books in this series explore new modes of critical analyses within and beyond the field of comparative literature. These volumes imagine the possibilities of more expansive, affective, and even disturbing comparative thought across spatial divides and expansive temporalities in the national, the regional, and the global. The series also publishes thinkers and writers who experiment with form and method while remaining attentive to the genealogies that have made previous forms and methods possible.

Editorial Board

Stephen Chu Yiu-Wai (University of Hong Kong), Nicole Huang (University of Hong Kong), Grace En-Yi Ting (University of Hong Kong), Tong King Lee, (University of Hong Kong), KH, Nicholas Y. H. Wong (University of Hong Kong), Winnie Yee (University of Hong Kong), Kelly Tse (Education University of Hong Kong), Amie Elizabeth Parry (NCU, Taiwan), and Maryam Wasif Khan (LUMS, Pakistan)

Inquiries and submissions should be directed to Yasmine Hung at Hong Kong University Press.

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