Tales from No. 9 Ice House Street


Patrick Shuk-siu Yu

ISBN : 978-988-8028-76-4


February 2010

176 pages, 6.5″ x 9.5″, 15 b&w illus.

  • HK$180.00

In Tales from No. 9 Ice House Street, Patrick Yu takes up his story as he returns to Hong Kong to become the first Chinese Crown Counsel. Thereafter he tells of the years in which he established himself as a most successful advocate in private practice. His story is enriched with anecdotes of his legal life and reminiscences of the many people with whom he came into contact.

In the second part of the book, he recounts in his lively and intriguing way a series of the court cases in which he was involved as an important member of the Hong Kong Bar. The cases have surprising twists that the defence counsel-cum-storyteller deploys to surprise the reader. There are also unusual topics such as ‘The Case of the Young Man Who Impersonated a Police Officer’, or ‘The Case of the Solicitor Convicted of an Offence Not Known to the Law’. These read like classic detective stories, while also shedding light on life and the law in Hong Kong.

Whether telling of his own life, recalling people with whom he came into contact, or telling the legal stories of the second part of this book, Patrick Yu again shows himself to be a notable raconteur and one whose life has provided him with many fascinating stories to tell.

Patrick Yu Shuk-siu is the seventh child of a father who himself was also the seventh child. After early education at Wah Yan College, Mr Yu went to the University of Hong Kong on a scholarship and earned a wartime degree. Awarded a Victory scholarship, he attended Merton College, Oxford, in the post-war years, qualifying for the Bar in 1950. Mr Yu was appointed the first Chinese Crown Counsel in 1951, and resigned in protest at the unequal terms of service conditions a year later. His subsequent successes in the field of criminal law have made him a leading light of Hong Kong’s legal profession.

“As an advocate, Mr Patrick Yu is a legend in our courts. This book contains a fascinating and illuminating account of his forensic experiences. It deserves to be read by all who are interested in the law. They will derive great pleasure and invaluable insight from it.” —Andrew Li, Chief Justice, Court of Final Appeal, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

“This sequel to Mr Patrick Yu’s first book is long awaited. It continues to amuse readers with tales of the law . . . Quite apart from giving an insider account of the many celebrated cases at the time, this book is also a chronicle of the legal circle from the early 1950s.” —Audrey Eu, Senior Counsel; Legislative Councillor, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

“Between tears and laughter, Patrick Yu has driven down the zigzag road of legal development in Hong Kong. His experience could provide a wonderful inspiration for China’s search for the rule of law.” —L. P. Yau, Editor-in-Chief, Yazhou Zhoukan

Tales from No. 9 Ice House Street, Mr Patrick Yu’s sequel to his bestseller, A Seventh Child and the Law, is a must-read for the legal professionals. Lay readers will find the tales eye-opening, heart-pumping and mind-absorbing. Stay home and enjoy it.” —Heung Shu-fai, Media Consultant