Christianity and Education in Modern China


Edited by Wong Man Kong and George Kam Wah Mak

ISBN : 978-988-8842-99-5

History / Religion / Education / China

December 2024

304 pages, 6″ x 9″

  • HK$580.00

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In Christianity and Education in Modern China, Wong Man Kong, George Kam Wah Mak, and other contributors demonstrate how Christianity served as a driving force in the development of modern education in China. Each of the chapters offers new insights into Christian involvement in different issues concerning education in modern China. The contributors examine how Christian missionaries and Chinese Christian educators interacted with China’s social, cultural, and political contexts. They also explore how Christianity influenced higher education in mainland China, Taiwan, and Asia. This volume suggests that Western missionary and Chinese Christian perspectives of higher education were complementary to each other in modern China.

Wong Man Kong is professor of history and associate dean of social sciences at Hong Kong Baptist University and honorary research senior fellow in history at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is the co-editor of Hong Kong History: Themes in Global Perspective (2021).

George Kam Wah Mak is associate professor and associate head in the Department of Religion and Philosophy and fellow in the Centre for Sino-Christian Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University. He is the author of Protestant Bible Translation and Mandarin as the National Language of China (2017).