Voice Therapy for Children

An Instructional Manual


Estella P. M. Ma

ISBN : 978-988-8754-21-2

Education / Therapy

April 2023

96 pages, 11″ x 8″

  • HK$150.00

Voice Therapy for Children is a bilingual instructional manual that aims to maximize speech therapy students’ and clinicians’ competence, knowledge, and effectiveness in managing pediatric voice caseloads. This is a unique text that goes beyond general descriptions of therapeutic technique and physiologic principles.

Designed to serve Cantonese- and English-speaking children, this book provides a clear and systematic overview of practical issues and clinical tips, laying out the steps and criteria for therapy programs. With detailed instructions for each voice therapy session, clinicians will find answers to questions such as 

  • How can children be kept engaged in voice therapy?
  • How can therapists facilitate learning and performance of voicing techniques?
  • How can age-appropriate practice stimuli and games be selected?

This volume contains detailed instructions for each voice therapy session and ready-to-use clinical materials, including picture cards for eliciting stimulus and record forms for clinical use, which are essential for clinicians in their early careers, as well as undergraduates and graduates on professional courses.

Estella P. M. Ma is associate professor at the Faculty of Education and the director of the Voice Research Laboratory at the University of Hong Kong.