Failed in London, Try Hong Kong


Jingan MacPherson Young

ISBN : 978-988-16056-7-2

Film, Media, Fine Arts Other Distributed Titles

February 2014

112 pages, 4.75″ x 7.25″

  • HK$120.00

Hong Kong Arts Festival New Play Selection 2014

“We became proud of our title, of the filth that we roll around in…”

What do a Eurasian Editor, English banker, inebriate philosopher and spliff-smoking Australian have in common? They’re all expats…and they’re all in denial.

1 July 2007, a decade after the 1997 Handover and with China’s presence all-pervasive, how will the expatriates from Hong Kong’s colonial past fit into the picture?

When Joe Losey abruptly abandons his wife, maid, chauffeur, and currently under-renovation penthouse apartment he never figured his Eurasian social-climbing wife Rebecca would commit the ultimate betrayal. When he returns a few months later, sparks fly, truths are uncovered, friendships are torn apart, a child is lost, trust is gained and love is relearned. A universal story about family, love and betrayal in the ever-changing political landscape of Hong Kong.

Written by Hong Kong born Jingan MacPherson Young, FILTH is the first English play commissioned and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival.