The University of Hong Kong Museum Journal No. 2 扶林
香港大學博物館館刊 (二)
Edited by Tina Yee-wan Pang
October 2008
152 pages
9" x 12", color illustrations throughout
HK$60 (Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, and Taiwan only)
US$11 (Other Countries)
Paperback 978-962-8038-93-0

The true function of a museum is as an educator. Through its collections, it can preserve and organize information; through its exhibitions, lectures and research seminars, it can cultivate knowledge; and through its publications, it can record the fruits of research. The kind of education that a museum provides is more flexible than that provided in a school. Rather than being confined to the classroom, a museum is able to offer a diverse range of educational activities for its visitors. The function of museums is ambitious. The publication of this Museum Journal by the University Museum and Art Gallery, HKU is one of its many responsibilities. This volume is the second Museum Journal.

博物館的功能是教育。透過珍藏,去保存和整理資料。透過展覽 、講座 、研討會,去灌輸知識。透過出版的刊物,去記錄研究成果。博物館在工作形式方面,較學校靈活得多。他們不須局限課堂教學,而可利用多元化的活動,去教育觀眾。博物館的功能是偉大的,香港大學美術博物館出版《扶林》館刊,是其中的一項博物館工作。本書是《扶林》第二期。