Paintings by Jeffrey Lo Wan-shu and Esther Tam Mei-yung 天香國色歲華春
Edited by Anita Yin-fong Wong 黃燕芳 編
March 2012
220 pages
9" x 12", color illustrations throughout
HK$160 (Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, and Taiwan only)
US$23 (Other Countries)
Hardback 978-988-19021-7-7

This fully-illustrated catalogue is produced to accompany the exhibition Paintings by Jeffrey Lo Wan-shu and Esther Tam Mei-yung.

Husband and wife couple Jeffrey Lo Wan-shu and Esther Tam Mei-yung emigrated to Canada in 1973. They established the Chun Wah Chinese Arts Studio and have been Chairman and Honorary Director of the Ontario Chinese Artists’ Association for many years. Jeffrey Lo studied painting under the renowned bird-and-flower painter Zhang Shaoshi (Cheung Shiu-shek, 1914–91). He favours the “boneless” method in painting flowers, employing the light and colour techniques of the Geshan School of Ju Chao (1811–65) and Ju Lian (1828–1904). Esther Tam studied different painting genres with masters including Li Fenggong (1883–1967), Liang Boyu (Leung Pak-yu, 1903–78), He Shuhui (Ho Shuk-wai, b. 1919) and Tang Hong (b. 1926). She practices in the style of the Song dynasty painting academy, using detailed brushwork and the realistic depiction of birds and flowers. They are particularly skilled in painting peonies.