Early Prostitution in Hong Kong 香江風月
Cheng Po Hung 鄭寶鴻
November 2010
196 pages
10" x 12", illustrations throughout
HK$250 (Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, and Taiwan only)
US$34 (Other Countries)
Hardback 978-962-8038-33-6

In discussing the early history of Hong Kong one often mentions the development of the western part of Hong Kong Island. The subject would naturally lead on to a discussion of the brothels and prostitutes that flourished in the west part of Shek Tong Tsui. In early Hong Kong, brothels were legal. The government allocated special areas in which they could operate. Shek Tong Tsui was at that time a high-class red-light district. Both customers and prostitutes had to follow a set of rules in their transactions. The brothel business brought prosperity to many business, such as that of food establishments, entertainment, beauty salons, fashion houses and transportation. Obviously, these brothels exerted a great influence on early Hong Kong society. Mr. Cheng Po Hung has expended great effort in the study of this particular aspect of history, collecting many valuable photographs. The University Museum and Art Gallery of HKU has compiled the results of his research into this book.

談到香港的早期歷史,便往往提到港島西區的發展。若談到這個話題,便自然地說及塘西妓寨,以及這些風月場所的阿姑。早期的香港妓寨是合法經營的,政府規範它們在特定地區發展,石塘咀便是當時的高級風月區,客人和阿姑們的交往是有一套 “制度”的。娼妓事業帶旺了飲食業,也促進了娛樂、美容、服裝,以至交通等行業的發展。這些娼妓場所顯然地對香港的早期社會產生不少影響。鄭寶鴻先生為研究這些歷史化費不少功夫,搜集不少珍貴相片。香港大學美術博物館現將他的成果編訂成書。