Comparative Higher Education
Knowledge, the University and Development
Philip G. Altbach
January 1998
312 pages
5.5" x 8.5"
HK$180 (Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, and Taiwan only)
US$30 (Other Countries)
Paperback 978-962-8093-88-5

This book addresses a domain which is increasingly international. The issues that affect universities in any single country are important globally. Comparative Higher Education explores links between universities, noting the roles of foreign students, the impact of Western higher education ideas, and patterns of inequality among academic systems. Teachers and students are at the heart of the academic enterprise. Comparative Higher Education discusses the roles of professors and students in a comparative framework. The book concludes with a discussion of higher education development in the newly industrializing countries.

Comparative Higher Education reflects over three decades of research, and places key elements in the globalization of higher education in a conceptual framework. Worldwide examples are used to illustrate analyses of international exchanges, trends in university development, and the complex relationships among academic systems in industrialized and less developed countries.

Philip G. Altbach is J. Donald Monan SJ Professor of Higher Education, and Centre for International Higher Education, at Boston Collage, USA. He is also an Associate of the Comparative Education Research Centre at the University of Hong Kong.