Shipping and Logistics Law
Principles and Practice in Hong Kong, Second Edition
Felix W H Chan, Jimmy J M Ng, and Sik Kwan Tai
October 2015
692 pages
6" x 9", 5 illustrations; 1 table
HK$495 (Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, and Taiwan only)
US$70 (Other Countries)
Paperback 978-988-8208-79-1
Hardback 978-988-8208-78-4
This edition is no longer available.

This book provides a general introduction to the basic principles of shipping and logistics law in Hong Kong. It contains many practical examples and illustrations from case law. Extracts of the relevant legislation and sample shipping documents are annexed in this book for reference. In this second edition, the authors have reformatted some of the materials. The book has been reoriented to concentrate on the parts of the legal framework which are most directly relevant to the logistics and maritime industry of Hong Kong. This new edition takes account of a number of new cases, new international conventions (such as the Rotterdam Rules), and significant changes introduced by legislative amendments since the last edition.

The book is intended primarily for students and teachers of transport studies and business logistics management and also provides useful guidance to shipowners, carriers, shipping agents, traders, insurers, bankers, logistics managers, arbitrators, mediators, and lawyers who need to acquire a clear understanding of the key principles in a practical context.

Felix W H Chan is an associate professor in the Faculty of Law, the University of Hong Kong. Jimmy J M Ng is an assistant professor in the Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Sik Kwan Tai is a visiting lecturer in the Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


“The material in the book is excellent as a textbook for students and teachers of transport study and business logistics management, as well as a book of general interest to traders, bankers, logistics managers and lawyers.” —Mary Thomson, barrister and arbitrator