Sound and Symbol in Chinese, Revised Edition
Bernhard Karlgren
April 1990
106 pages
Paperback 978-962-209-257-0
This edition is no longer available.

This little classic on the Chinese spoken and written language has remained standard reading both for the student and the general reader. IL gives a lucid account of the development and distinguishing features of Chinese writing and speech. This edition has been revised by the author.

Professor Bernhard Karlgren was Professor of Sinology at Gothenburg University from 1918 to 1938. He was Director of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities from 1939 to 1959 and as editor of its Bulletin, he published a series of sinological papers. Among his many outstanding works are Etudes sur la phonologie chinoise, Grammata serica recensa, Glosses on the Book of Odes, Glosses on the Book of Documents, Legends and Cults in Ancient China, Yin and Chou in Chinese Bronzes, and Glosses on the Tso Chuan and the Li Chi.