Splendours of Dunhuang 敦煌韻致

Jao Tsung-i’s Selected Academic and Art Works Inspired by Dunhuang Culture 饒宗頤教授之敦煌學術藝術展圖錄

Edited by Lee Chack Fan, Tang Wai Hung, and Cheng Wai Ming 李焯芬、鄧偉雄、鄭煒明 編. English Translation by To Ying Wah and Wong Shuk Wai 杜英華、王淑慧 英譯.

ISBN : 978-988-77020-6-1

Film, Media, Fine Arts Distributed for HKU Jao Tsung-I Petite École 香港大學饒宗頤學術館

April 2017

166 pages, 9.125″ x 11.75″, color illustrations throughout

  • HK$380.00

This exhibition catalogue consists of Dunhuang-themed paintings, calligraphy, and studio objects by Professor Jao Tsung-i selected from his impressive oeuvre which spans from the 1960’s to the present day. The exhibits include paintings in Dunhuang fresco and line drawing styles, scenery of Dunhuang and nearby areas, and calligraphy in Dunhuang sutra and wooden slip styles.

Professor Jao once mentioned that in the last century, Japanese stated that if anyone needed to research on Dunhuang Studies, one must visit Japan. However, with the efforts made by Professor Jao and other scholars of the same period, Dunhuang has indisputably proven to be the centre of Dunhuang Studies. Moreover, his achievement in Dunhuang academic and art research has also become a crucial part of Dunhuang Studies nowadays. For the above reasons, Professor Jao was granted the ‘Award of Special Contributions to the Protection and Research on Dunhuang Relics’ by Gansu Provincial People’s Government and the Research Institute of Dunhuang and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage of the People’s Republic of China.