Common Careers, Different Experiences

Women Managers in Hong Kong and Britain


Katharine Venter

ISBN : 978-962-209-537-3

Economics, Finance, Business, Management

February 2002

256 pages, 6″ x 9″

  • HK$190.00

Also available in Hardback HK$290.00

While there is extensive data on the experiences of women working in managerial positions in Britain, there is a dearth of such information in Hong Kong. Consequently much of our understanding and beliefs about these women’s lives are based on issues that concern women in the West, such as subordination and the struggle for equal rights. There is also a widespread belief that women have made more progress in improving their position in Britain than Hong Kong.

Using interviews, surveys and existing documentation, this book illustrates that these perceptions do not adequately explain the situation of women managers in Hong Kong. On the contrary, research shows that Hong Kong women managers enjoy a relatively smooth career path while those in Britain often experience downward occupational mobility and breaks in their careers. Through comparing the stories of women managers in Hong Kong and Britain and exploring how culture shapes their tales, Common Careers, Different Experiences urges us to revise our perceptions of women’s experiences.

Katharine Venter is a Lecturer and Head of Distance Learning at the Centre of Labour Market Studies of the University of Leicester in the UK. Besides her work on culture and women’s working lives, she is currently researching the impact of culture and perceptions of gender on the learning process.

“This book looks well placed and promising among the few which offer detailed examination and comparison of the work and career situations faced by white-collar women workers in Britain and Hong Kong. It offers a well-illustrated perspective on the appreciation of the diversity and convergence of the two societies.” —Dr Ng Sek Hong, School of Business, the University of Hong Kong