Painting Architecture

Jiehua in Yuan China, 1271–1368


Leqi Yu

ISBN : 978-988-8754-23-6

Film, Media, Fine Arts

June 2022

212 pages, 6″ x 9″, 54 b&w and 12 color illus.

  • HK$700.00

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In Painting Architecture: Jiehua in Yuan China, 1271–1368, Leqi Yu has conducted comprehensive research on jiehua or ruled-line painting, a unique painting genre in fourteenth-century China. This genre relies on tools such as rulers to represent architectural details and structures accurately. Such technical consideration and mechanical perfection linked this painting category with the builder’s art, which led to Chinese elites’ belittlement and won Mongol patrons’ admiration. Yu suggests that painters in the Yuan dynasty made new efforts towards a unique modular system and an unsurpassable plain-drawing tradition. She argues that these two strategies made architectural paintings in the Yuan dynasty entirely different from those in the past and were (?) extremely difficult for subsequent painters to imitate.

Leqi Yu received her MA in the history of art from Williams College and her PhD in East Asian languages and civilizations from the University of Pennsylvania. She has held a Smithsonian Institution history of art postdoctoral fellowship at the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and a postdoctoral fellowship at Renmin University, China.