Ways to Urbanisation 建城之道

Post-War Road Development in Hong Kong 戰後香港的道路發展

Ho Pui-yin 何佩然

ISBN : 978-962-209-052-1


January 2009

364 pages, 7″ x 10″

  • HK$195.00

This book focuses on a crucial internal problem—Hong Kong’s post-war road development from 1946 to present. Observations are made on road development in the post-war period and its impact on the city’s development through the study of areas such as the building and expansion of road network; the establishment and operation mechanisms of the departments responsible for road works; and the formulation, implementation and promotion of transport policy. This allows us to undertake further assessment of issues such as the characteristics of post-war urbanisation in Hong Kong, population distribution and land use, and inter-relationships between internal social changes and the city’s rapid development, with an expectation that this would serve as reference for the city’s further development.


Ho Pui-yin is a modern social and economic historian. Prior to joining the History Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she worked as a research consultant at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris. She is also Director of Lee Woo Sing Hong Kong History Resource Centre, Dean of General Education and Member of Board of Trustees of Shaw College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Visiting Professor Chaire Dupront of Université Paris-Sorbonne. Her current researches are mainly on urbanisation of modern day Hong Kong. Her major works include Water for a Barren Rock, Weathering the Storm, Challenges for an Evolving City, and The Administrative History of the Hong Kong Government Agencies 1841–2002.