Old China Through G. E. Morrison’s Eyes (Revised Edition) 莫理循眼里的近代中国 (修订版)

Edited by Shen Jiawei 沈嘉蔚 編撰

ISBN : 978-7-5334-4114-2

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September 2007

560 pages, 8.375″ x 11.25″, illustrations throughout

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This book, including more than 500 old photos from the late Qing Dynasty to the early period of Republic of China, is a photograph collection selected from Morrison papers in the State Library of New South Wales of Australia.

As an Australian, G. E. Morrison (1862–1920) was the resident correspondent of The Times in Peking (1897–1912) and the political advisor to the Republic of China (1912–1920). He had lived in Peking for more than twenty years and experienced a series of significant historical events in modern china. His dispatches and diaries in a large number were the important materials for studying the Chinese history during that period. He left about 3,000 photographs after his death. Mr. Shen Jiawei, a history painter living in Australia, carefully selected the major parts and carried out a textual research on them. The collection falls into three volumes: Morrison of Peking, Catastrophe at the Turn of the Century and Eyewitness of the Reformation, covering the special subjects of record of Incident of 1900, modernized changes in China in the early 20th century, customs from late Qing to early Republic of China, the friendships between Morrison and his servants, and Morrison and the foreigners’circle in China, etc. In addition to the old photos, the compiler also selected a small amount of photos of cultural relics, such as the bill signed and issued by Sun Yat-sen in 1906, the postcard on which the stamp issued by the Qing Government was sealed with the postmark of Republican China, as well as the red calling cards of Li Hung-chang, Ku Hung-ming and some other people. The book provides historical researchers and amateurs with pictured materials objectively. It can be served as a reference book.


莫理循 (1862–1920),澳大利亞人,曾任《泰晤士報》駐華首席記者 (1897–1912),中華民國總統政治顧問 (1912–1920)。他居住北京達20餘年,親歷了近代中國一系列重大歷史事件。他的大量報導、通訊與日記成為研究這一段中國歷史的重要素材。他身後留下的圖片資料約3000餘幅。旅澳歷史畫家沈嘉蔚從中精選主要部份並作了必要考證。本畫冊分為《北京的莫理循》、《世紀之交的戰亂》、《目擊變革》三冊,含庚子事變紀實、20世紀初中國近代化變遷、清末民初民情風俗、莫理循與中國僕人的友誼、莫理循與清末民初在華洋人等專題內容。除老照片外,編者還精選了少量文物照片,如孫中山於1906年印的鈔票;大清郵票上加蓋中華民國郵戳的明信片;李鴻章、辜鴻銘等人的大紅名刺等。此書為歷史工作者與愛好者提供了歷史文獻的文字所不能提供的直觀圖像資料,適合專業與業餘研究者、各類圖書館與文科院校作為常備工具書。

Shen Jiawei, a history painter and a portraitist, was born in Shanghai in 1948. He became well-known for his oil paintings Standing Guard for Our Great Motherland (1974) and Red Star over China (1987). He moved to Australia in early 1989. Shen’s works have been collected by many public and private galleries and museums including Chinese National Art Gallery, Chinese National Museum, Australian National Portrait Gallery, Allen Memorial Art Museum of USA, etc. In 1995, Shen won the Australian Mary Mackillop Art Award. In 2005, he was commissioned by the Australian Government to paint an official portrait for the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. Besides painting, Shen has written a number of essays and art reviews. He now lives and works in Bundeena, a village located in Royal National Park of Sydney, with his wife and daughter.

沈嘉蔚,1948年生於上海。歷史畫家與肖像畫家。曾因油畫《為我們偉大祖國站崗》 (1974年) 與《紅星照耀中國》 (1987年) 而知名。1989年初移居澳大利亞至今。中國美術館、國家博物館、澳大利亞國立肖像館與歐、美等地博物館均收藏有他的油畫作品。1995年創作的一幅歷史畫獲澳大利亞瑪麗‧麥格格普藝術獎第一名。2005年受澳大利亞政府委託,為丹麥王妃畫像。作畫之餘發表文史隨筆及專業論文數十萬字。現與妻子和女兒生活工作在悉尼南郊的邦定納藝術村。